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We keep large inventory of parts for discontinuous equipment such has faced-out Computer parts such as Mother Boards , Hard Drives, Memory, Controller Cards, Power Supplies,RAID Controller,Video Cards,Discontinue Softwares , Fiber and for Network Equipment.

We also large inventory of parts for discontinuous or old Machineries and for various kind of equipment.

It is frustrating when you can not find parts to fix expensive pice of equipment because it is outdated and manufacturer do not carry parts anymore for this equipment .Only choice you have it to buy new one which cost lots of money.

Sometime you have to through $5000.00 worth equipment just because you could not find parts worth $45.00 to fix this equipment.

We have help thousands of customers to find parts they need on time and within budget . We also provide technical support for getting correct parts.

We work we with lots of companies on regular basis to provide them parts that they can not find anywhere for their equipment.

Our search tool is very powerful , Every part as either part number, sku number or just description .You can search these parts from part numbers or sku numbers or by description and you will be able to find part that you need . Each part has picture so you can compare it with your part and make sure this is the correct part you are looking for. Companies have saved thousands of dollars world wide using Hardtofindglobal Portal. Our team Is very dedicated to provide best services to our worldwide customers

We have best delivery service . We use Federal Express ,UPS or even if require we can do hand delivery of parts depending on urgency regardless country.

We answer our phones 24 hours , depending on urgency you can either call us or send us email for any questions you have .

Our phone no is 817-263-0000

Our address is 1802 Industrial Blvd . Colleyville Texas 76034